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Change minimum capture interval to 1 sec

I use the app to make photos of the roadside out of a driving car. In this case, the 5 second minimum interval is too big. Please lower this value to 1 second.

All other time-lapse apps I have tried have limits at 1 or 2 seconds (one even at 100 ms), but I would prefer to use 24/7 Time Lapse because of it's other features!

pbb, 26.06.2015, 23:57
Response from the site administrator
portable, 27.06.2015
For what you are trying to do, download and use Dailyroads Voyager which is designed for this purpose. 24/7 Time Lapse will not have any power saving in such scenario and NOT designed for such purpose. We purposely set the minimum at 5 seconds because the camera will crash if it is any lower due to our power saving implementation, even at 5 seconds, it cause problems in some phone's camera.
Idea status: rejected


pbb, 30.06.2015, 19:45
Dailyroads Voyager also has a 5 second limit.

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