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Remote pause/resume

As an alternative to building out comprehensive scheduling, what about just supporting remote pause/resume (like via HTTP request or something) so that an external source can manage the scheduling and just tell 24/7 TimeLapse when to pause taking photos and when to resume? I do this with my other webcams using server software I wrote that takes into account local sunrise and sunset times so that they're not taking photos at night.

nrotstan, 20.07.2015, 11:56
Response from the site administrator
portable, 20.07.2015
This is something we have planned to do but have not implemented because we have higher priority things to work on first.
Idea status: under consideration


portable, 20.07.2015, 14:02
If whatever you are capturing is related to sunrise/sunset, you can use start/stop when power is connected feature to start/stop photo capturing. You can use a wall socket timer that turn on/off the power supply or a solar panel to power your phone. This is the only workaround we have implemented so far.

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