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Only white photos when put in background

When I put the application in background (by pressing the home button), all captured pictures from this moment on are white. Only the imprinted information for battery, time, date is visible.
My phone is LG-D325.

vladislav , 20.04.2015, 01:18
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portable, 20.04.2015, 14:05
Well, this problem is definitely a device specific problem which we cannot reproduce.

Take a look at this thread if you have not.
I suspect you are experiencing something similar...

We would be interested to know your test results if you follow those questions I asked at that thread and provide answers.
vladislav, 20.04.2015, 21:04
I was using the app with 5 sec interval. Now I tested with 1 min interval and it is still the same:
- The pictures taken while the app is active are OK
- The pictures taken while the app is on background (after pressing the home button), or when screen is locked while active, and the pictures when preview is off are very light. The last time they looked white because the camera was pointing out of the window where there is much light, now when testing indoors they are still very light but some dark objects can be recognized. These pictures look as they are extremely overexposed.

Another thing is that when time interval is 5 sec and I put the app on background pictures are taken very rare, maybe 2 times per minute or less.

Later I will test with the phone plugged into the charger.
portable, 20.04.2015, 22:51
Our app do not do any image processing other add adding those imprinted information, so I can assure sure that those faint images you captured are probably not directly related to our app, it is just how your specific phone's OS handles image capturing based on the special way we request the image. Maybe the camera exposure is just too long when the app is not actively running at the front, i.e. our power saving method maybe somehow causing your phone OS to change the camera exposure.

If you are using the paid version, you can disable imprinting and the images are basically what the Android OS captured. I don't see anything we can do at the moment for your specific phone.

Our app is not really meant to capture photos at short intervals, it is likely to result to camera errors. It is best that you test it at 1 minute interval or similar. It is not likely to work properly at 5 second intervals, even though we permit it.

Let me know how if it makes any difference with the charger connected. If it does, then I might have some clues..

If you need to take photos at short intervals, I would encourage you to use Dailyroads Voyager instead.

If you have another phone (not the same model), I would encourage you to try it and you will likely see our app working just fine on it.

If I remember, I will try to let you know if we happen to make changes to our app related to photo capture, so you can try again then. But this is not going to happen in the short term.
John, 18.08.2016, 18:28
Same problem for me on Sony Xperia Z1. Other problems include very erratic capture times and then just failing after two or three shots. I'm trying to take photos every 30 minutes for a long term project but I've basically given up on this route. I have wiped the device and tried reinstalling, etc.

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