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Great product!

This is the ONLY app that I found reliable enough to be used for serious, fault-tolerant, unattended, long-time use. The other apps, especially the ones that create the video on board of the device are not good enough, especially if they keep the frames in RAM and crash if unable to create the video at the end. This app won't lose your pictures. This app will write the frames to the SD card as soon as they are taken, and then you'll have all the freedom in the world to move them, edit them and make a movie on your desktop.

Here's a video I made with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pRCYrbgFwY

The keyword here is RELIABILITY and fault tolerance. If you plan to make an unattended installation on top of a mountain or in a weather balloon, you need to know that the app will reliably save your pictures you have been taking for a long period, even if nobody is there to click on "save the movie" at the end of the picture taking, even if android crashes, even if the battery dies, even if the phone itself crashes on the ground and you fish out the SD card from the wreckage. That's what I want. This app does it. This is a serious app. I trust it.

Daniele Scarpazza , 30.03.2015, 08:26
Response from the site administrator
portable, 30.03.2015
Thanks for your feedback and the timelapse video. The video looks really good. Unless you object, I will be linking to your youtube video to showcast examples of timelapse video taken using 24/7 Timelapse.
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