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unable to capture photo when screen is off.

unable to capture photo when screen is off. there is slight improvment from previous version but still dark photo. sometimes getting 1st 2photos then again dark photos.
tried in two different samsung phones with different android versions 4.4 and 4.2.

aqa , 24.12.2014, 17:06
Response from the site administrator
portable, 31.12.2014
No fix currently available without compromising power saving. We believe this only affect Samsung i9192 S4 mini as we did not receive reports from other users. Possibly a bug related to the device's ROM, might be fixed when the device's ROM is updated.
Idea status: under consideration


portable, 24.12.2014, 19:43
Can you try to see if photo capture works when you have power adapter connected and screen off? We have tested the app in multiple Samsung phones including Android 4.4 and it works fine here... What photo resolution and capture interval are you using?
aqa, 24.12.2014, 21:49
i connected power but no result.
i tried different resolution and different time frequencies (10, 30 minute and 1 hour)
it try to take photo but it is very dark. i only see some spots for light but rest is very dark.
portable, 24.12.2014, 22:12
We usually test it at 1 minute capture interval. Can you post link to your photos? Not sure what you mean by very dark because we have not seen such problems before. What phone model are you using? Does other time lapse app have similar problems on your phone or only when using 247timelapse? Do you mean if your phone's screen is on, the photo taken is normal?
aqa, 25.12.2014, 19:14
please photo. generally 1st 2 photos are ok but rest of them are dark, with previous version is was just black.
i purchased previous version and because this issue removed and after update decided to install and test again but again failed.
i use SECCAM which is pretty easy and simple. don require any triggering.
portable, 26.12.2014, 10:20
1) Can you try and see if you have the same black photo problem using Dailyroads Voyager?

2) Can you enable logging, take a few photos using your phone with the black photo problem and post the log here?
For 247timelapse, settings -> general -> enable logging
You should find a txt file under 247timelapse folder

3) What Samsung phone have this problem?

We have never seen such black photo problem.. it is really strange..
aqa, 26.12.2014, 14:52
1) i tried dailyroads with 1 minute intervals and no such issue, photos are ok. previously i used this app for car as dashcam and its good for this purpose. but now i'm using my phone as security cam at home and tested almost all related apps. your app is fir for my purpose.

2) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/glwqicijxdsj5yp/AAAdO8Zz-TGQ98zvf1QvlJqQa?dl=0
please follow link for log and related photos

3) i tested previous version at samsung s7262 android 4.1 and samsung i9192 (s4 mini) android 4.4.2. but now just at s4 mini.

portable, 26.12.2014, 21:25
If you don't mind, I would suggest you also try it on your samsung s7262 and/or any other Android phones you have available. If your other phone demonstrate the same problem, please also provide the same log and related photos.

We will look at the information you provided and see if we can figure out what is wrong.
portable, 26.12.2014, 21:34
Actually, this app might be better as security cam at home. I have looked into using this myself.
portable, 29.12.2014, 11:18
If you leave your phone's screen on with 247timelapse in front, does your phone capture any black photos? If capture is ok at this point, does enabling/disabling the preview window makes any difference, i.e. touch the preview window will enable/disable the preview window (when disabled, the scene won't move in the preview window)?
portable, 29.12.2014, 11:22
In the photos/log you provide in dropbox, after you start photo capture, did you press the Android HOME button to put 247timelapse in background? If not, does it make any difference if you do this?
aqa, 29.12.2014, 18:26
hi, when screen is on and preview is on photos are ok, but when preview is off photos are black. also same issue when i get out pressing home (preview on/off does not change anything).
portable, 31.12.2014, 16:06
Thanks for your useful input. We believe the black photo problem is related to the way we achieve our power saving in our app. Somehow, it results in black photo in your specific phone. We are pretty sure this problem is an isolated case only for your specific phone but not others. We don't see how we could possibly fix this while retaining our power saving feature. Therefore, our only suggestion for you is to use alternative time lapse app or Dailyroads. Dailyroads can capture photo similarly to 247timelapse but it doesn't have the power saving feature implemented. Otherwise, Dailyroads works similarly to 247timelapse. Or you can try 247timelapse on another phone and it probably would work fine.
portable, 26.12.2014, 10:40
Since you have already purchased the paid version, try this too...
Settings -> Embed into photos -> untick all and also delete all characters for title field.
This will disable the processing which adds words to the photo which might be related to your problem.
portable, 24.12.2014, 22:26
If you had upgraded from previous version, please also try uninstall the app and reinstall it again to see if it makes any difference.

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