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Off-grid solar charged web feed with smart phone

I want to use a smart phone with a solar charger to take time lapse photos and upload automatically to a photo host site (flickr or similar) via the mobile (cell) network. I would then use the images to feed into a webpage. The place I want to photograph has no power or WiFi.

Is this possible? or might it be soon?

Thanks for your help

MikeS, 20.02.2013, 23:59
Response from the site administrator
portable, 21.02.2013
This is actually on our roadmap but we cannot tell you when we complete will implementation of this and release the app. Our Android developer for this app is quite busy and it might take some time before we get to this.. Actually, we already have purchased samples of suitable solar battery to test for this ;)
Idea status: completed


portable, 26.10.2013, 22:21
Just to let you know that we have just released the free version of this app. The paid version will be released in about a week. The paid version have power management features that will be very useful when used together with a solar panel.

For the time being, you can try the methods/apps I described at this page to remotely obtain your images using 3G: http://247timelapse.com/photo_sync

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