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A timer to pause and unpause the picture capturing would be great. For example: I want to make a time lapse of a landscape for several weeks or month. it is not necessary to take photos at night, a timer to enable the capturing daily form 6 am to 8pm would be great.
Or a connection to the calendar were special events are listed (e.g sunrise and sunset).

philipp , 18.10.2012, 18:13
Response from the site administrator
portable, 18.10.2012
Thanks for your comment. This is something we are considering to add in the paid version of this application.
Idea status: under consideration


FileBravo, 07.01.2016, 01:27
I would like to underline that I can't find this feature in any other competitor's app.
Someone has a scheduler, that is not suitable to do what is being required.
Maybe, it would be easier if you make the "capture" activity available to other apps. So external scheduler like Tasker or TaskBomb can be used, with really high flexibility.

Please, evaluate this second option.
Adam, 31.03.2017, 18:47
I am also looking for an app with this feature but may I suggest that you use the light sensor thats on most mobile phones.
Im currently trying to document the growth of corals in my marine aquarium and trying to find an app that can do this so I can tape an old S5 to the side of the tank for a couple of months and take a photo every half an hour or an hour.
Unfortunately at the moment your app takes photos too often and I cant seem to change that and it will take photos at night when the lights are off which is also a problem.
Stanley, 11.07.2019, 20:26

Are you guys still considering to do the Timer development?
portable, 12.07.2019, 11:43
Yes, when we get around to it.

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