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Charger connected, shutting down

I love your app as it is one of the few timelapse applications that actually runs well in the background. However, I want to use it for a road trip where I'll be playing music through the phone as well, but with the phone plugged in I get a 'Trial app limitation' error: 'Charger connected, shutting down...'. There are no other versions of the app available (I'd gladly pay to be able to run while charging) and my phone won't last long playing music on a single charge. Is any way you can release a pay-for-download version that allows me to charge while using the app? I didn't realize this was an issue until now and I'm leaving for my roadtrip on in 3 days, so I doubt this will work, but please offer a version where I can plug my phone in as well!

daniel , 14.06.2012, 12:13
Response from the site administrator
portable, 31.12.2012
We have released a new version on Android market today which will allow you to use your charger for 20min. Please download the new version. Enjoy and thanks for your support.

We will release a paid version without this charger limitation shortly. At the mean time, you can use Dailyroads Voyager which can also work in the background to take photo/video. However, Dailyraods Voyager does not have the power saving feature implemented, so you will see your battery drain up pretty fast.
Idea status: completed


Peter , 08.01.2013, 07:47
I'd love to see that unlimited version. I'd be happy to pay a couple of dollars for it too.
phill, 24.02.2013, 08:04
where can find this new version?

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