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Unstable on htc evo 3D. Corrupts camera driver.

On htc evo 3d unstable / unusable- after few images captured it hangs, freezes the device. Than after few secs. app crashes, but Camera is than innacessible for all apps. Needs device restart.

kraken , 22.05.2012, 05:21
Response from the site administrator
portable, 31.12.2012
We have released a new version on Android market today which should have fixed your problem. Please download the new version. Enjoy and thanks for your support.
Idea status: completed


portable, 22.05.2012, 22:24
Thanks for reporting. I know the app may cause problems to some phones.
We just didn't have the time to work on it yet.

Before we release the next version, I will try to remember to sent you an apk to check for this bug before releasing it to market.

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