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countdown on screen

Thanks for your reply, however I do not understand how a few characters on an existing line on screen will use much more power, so how about it being an option, for if we have the power (quad & octa core phones).


graham , 22.02.2016, 20:22
Response from the site administrator
portable, 22.02.2016
Please use the same thread for the same discussion rather than starting a new thread.

Every screen refresh consumes CPU cycles, especially when you are trying to display a count down. If we don't refresh the screen sufficiently often, you won't see the count down working and users will be complaining. Having phone with faster cpu is not relevant when the primary purpose of this app is trying to save power as much as possible. There are many other fancy apps out there that don't care about power consumption with more features, feel free to use those if they fit your needs.

We have other more important matters to work on than cosmetic issues like this that few users cares. Remember the purpose of this app is to allow you to take photo with minimum power consumption with the screen turned off. What is the point of showing something that no one can see? If you want to have the screen on all the time while taking photo and looking at it, then you are actually using the wrong app.
Idea status: rejected


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