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Images Not Found

I can see the images taken by the app via the app viewer, however the gallery function on the phone (Pixi 3) can't find them, and when I connect to a laptop the are not able to be found in windows explorer. I was hoping to use dropbox to automatically sync, but it find them either. Is there are reason for this?

Jeremy , 20.02.2016, 15:50
Response from the site administrator
portable, 24.07.2016
We had purposely block gallery app from indexing the photos from 24/7 Timelapse because it will cause problems to the user when the app take thousands of photos. This block is done by a blank file labelled .nomedia. You can find the photos under the 247timelapse folder. If you don't see the photos on your phone using Windows after you connect USB, try rebooting your phone or use app like Airdroid. Recent photos not appearing via USB is a known "bug" on many Android phone. Anyway, will provide an option to remove the .nomedia file in the next version, 0.3.2.
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Sternloader155, 21.07.2016, 00:03
Dear Portable,

I really like your application and bought the full version as I need to use it 24/7 for 6 months, I planned to place the phone in the top of the building to capture the progress of my project and not able to reach the phone for download images. I removed the .nomedia file in the trail version and it worked, the images where uploaded to the google photos application and shown on my website.... perfect.... but the paid version replace the .nomedia file when start the application.... back to zero again... using ftp or other stuff isn't possible and too complex... PLEASE GIVE THE POSSIBILITY TO SHOW THE IMAGES IN THE MEDIA APPLICATION SO IT WILL BE SYNCHRONISED WITH GOOGLE DRIVE.... we use google drive as company standard, and I buy a licence for every project..... I only make a photo once a hour... means indexing isn't a problem....
portable, 21.07.2016, 10:15
The .nomedia file creation behaviour should be the same in both trial and paid version. Anyway, will provide an option to remove the .nomedia file in the next version.
Sternloader155, 21.07.2016, 12:18
Thanks mate, I can't wait to see that setting is implemented... The phone is placed at more than 10 meters height... the idea is that I am going there only 2 times, to place the phone and to remove him.The free version runs on a Samsung note5 and the paid version on a Sony Z1, maybe that makes the difference the file is created while start the application, seems to me strange but thats the only explanation I can think about.
portable, 21.07.2016, 12:45
Going to release a new version to provide this option asap.

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