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Remove 20 minutes limitation

It is not right to leave a 20 minutes limitation there but not having any option to remove it. Simple question, if it is claimed as a feature in paid version. where is it?
Response from the site administrator
portable, 26.10.2013
There is no 20 min limitation in the lite version of this app, the 20 min limitation is only applied when you connect your device to the charger. If you are not connected to charger, you should be able to run it till your battery runs out. Paid version will not have this limitations.
Welkin, 31.05.2013, 00:49
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Why does the app need the "READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY" and "RECORD AUDIO" permissions?

Why does the app need the "READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY" and "RECORD AUDIO" permissions? Your own instructions advise the user to disable the cell network radio.
Response from the site administrator
portable, 26.10.2013
This app previously supports Android 1.6 (donut) and the system will automatically assign READ PHONE STATUS permissions when you declares a targetSdk version of less than 4 (donut)

This permission is needed by flurry for statistic reporting purposes.

The permission for "RECORD AUDIO" is legacy code inherited from code used in another app. Already removed in the version 0.2 onwards.
Michael, 18.06.2013, 20:17
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LED flash

I just bought the paid version of the app, and it does everything I need except for one thing: turn on the LED flash. I'm taking indoor pictures at a second residence to monitor temperature in winter (exactly like the person in Russia who started...
Response from the site administrator
portable, 23.12.2013
LED flash implemented in Version 0.2.1. App is available on market now.
Matt Bretl, 09.12.2013, 03:23
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list of devices that run 24/7 with screen off

Can you provide al list of devices that run 24/7 with screen off?
Response from the site administrator
portable, 19.06.2014
We already have a list at this link but this is limited to devices we have tested ourselves.
Frank, 19.06.2014, 22:16
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Widget ...

How to get rid of that irri widget??? After use of 24/7 that widget popsup and blocks every screen (every). I have no menu at all within 24/7 but only buttons for capture and files. So i wonder where to find any settings? Can one turn off that...
Response from the site administrator
portable, 30.10.2014
The setting to disable the widget has always been there. Inside the app, Menu -> Settings -> Background mode -> Untick the button you don't want to see. Press the Android menu button to access the menu options or the three vertical dot if your phone don't have menu button.
Wouter, 30.10.2014, 03:02
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Can I leave this app running for 3 months r more?

I'm leaving my home for 3 months and keep this app running at my home to keep any eye on my home while I'm away. Will this app support running for 3 months with mobile data enabled and charger connected always? Thanks, Bharat Raju
Response from the site administrator
portable, 20.11.2015
Yes, it should. Please make sure you enable "Start at boot" option inside power management. Also make sure you calculate and allocate sufficient space for 247timelapse, otherwise, the app will delete older photos to reclaim disc space. I would also recommend you to conduct a trial for about a week or so in the same condition to see if it runs normally or able to achieve what you expect it to do.
Bharath, 19.11.2015, 23:25
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Fails to initialize camera on boot

Currently running on a Moto E 2015 LTE model with 5.0.2. Recording is just fine and it lasts quite long which is great! However, when it dies and boots back up (I set the phone to boot automatically when plugged in), it will manage to take one...
Response from the site administrator
portable, 10.01.2016
My developer said..
"This is the relevant section from the log:

FATAL EXCEPTION: main 01-08 09:12:15.925 E/AndroidRuntime(18032): Process: com.portable.timelapse, PID: 18032 01-08 09:12:15.925 E/AndroidRuntime(18032): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.portable.timelapse/com.portable.timelapse.lib.Voyager}: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Api key not specified 01-08 09:12:15.925 E/AndroidRuntime(18032): at android.app.ActivityThread.performLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:2314)

The log doesn't point to specific lines in our code, only to the Android system (like ActivityThread.java:2314)

This means something happened in the system code. Searching for various terms from the log, it seems the cause is related to Google Play Services (people were complaining about this happening on emulators). In any case, I don't see anything we can do about this."
Greg, 09.12.2015, 06:29

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